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About the Author

Josephine Jamieson was born in the seaside town of Ayr Scotland to Freda and James Anderson. She studied radiography at Robert Gordon's university, psychology at Aberdeen university and a post graduate in social work at Robert Gordon's University.

Josephine (or Jo as she likes to be called) had 4 children and 11 grandchildren, that was until her eldest son Dean was brutally murdered on the 4th April 2006. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He took an unsuspecting taxi ride that was to be his last. It was a motiveless crime.


Jo moved to Darwin Australia about 6 years ago. She believes the universe orchestrated the move. She currently works as a senior Child Protection Worker in remote communities working with aboriginals and their families.

Jo Jamieson, Author of Last TouchJo Jamieson, Author of Last Touch

This is her story. It is a story about survival and her son's legacy for his 4 children and for the grandchildren he will never see.


Jo hopes that in time a support package can be put in place for victims and their families. She also hopes that her book can be used as a tool for training purposes for professionals involved in murder investigations and most importantly she hopes the book can help other people going through a tragic loss.


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